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In today’s fast-paced world, event management is a dynamic and in-demand field. Whether you dream of planning exquisite weddings, corporate conferences, cultural festivals, or charity galas, this comprehensive course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the industry.


Empowering individuals to become skilled event managers, our mission is to provide accessible, practical, and top-tier online education. We aim to foster creativity, instill confidence, and prepare our learners for success in the diverse landscape of event management.


To be a global leader in online event management education, setting the standard for excellence and creating a community of skilled professionals who shape memorable and impactful events worldwide.



Mastering Event Management: From Planning to Execution

18 Video Masterpieces
Regular Price:-3000/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨ : 899/-

Wedding Planning Course

13 Video Love Stories
Regular Price:-3000/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 799/-

Corporate Event Planning

10 Video Eclipses
Regular Price:-3000/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 799/-

Strategic Advertising Mastery

7 Video Epics
Regular Price:-2400/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 599/-

Mastering Event Production
From Concept to Execution

7 Video Crescendos
Regular Price:-2400/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 699/-

Master the Art of Dealing with Event Industry Clients to Elevate Your Business!

7 Video Lectures
Regular Price:-2400/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 599/-

Website Creation Masterclass For Event Industry

8 Video Design Expeditions
Regular Price:-2800/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 799/-

Facebook Ads Mastery for Event Planners: From Clicks to Clients

11 Video Boost Business
Regular Price:-3000/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 799/-

All India Event & Wedding Planner
Industry Database

Number of Data: 1.5 Lakhs
Regular Price:-4500/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 999/-

50+ Page Wedding Checklist Collection

Canva Template Link of 50+ pages Wedding Checklists
PDF Version of 50+ pages Wedding Checklists
Regular Price:-1999/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 149/-

30+ Page Ultimate Wedding Planner collection

30+ Pages of Printable Wedding Planner Pages
PDF, A4,A5, Wedding Gift Stickers
Regular Price:-1999/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 149/-

300+ Page Canva Wedding Planner Template Bundle

300+ page Canva wedding planner template bundle
Canva Template Link + Download the PDF
Regular Price:-1999/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 299/-

How to Find a Job in the Event Industry

3 Video Job Search Strategies 
Regular Price:-1500/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 299/-

Diploma in Event Management

ALL Courses Included
(84 Master Video + 1.5 Lakhs Event & Wedding Planner Database)
Regular Price:-15000/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 1999/-

Pro Diploma in Event Management

ALL Courses Included
(84 Master Video + 1.5 Lakhs Event & Wedding Planner Database + Valuable Certificate)
Regular Price:-18000/-
✨ **EXCLUSIVE OFFER!** ✨: 2499/-

Why Choose Our Course

  1. Flexible Learning:

    • Learn at your own pace with our flexible online modules, fitting education seamlessly into your busy schedule.
  2. Certification:

    • Earn a recognized certification upon completion, validating your skills and enhancing your professional credibility.
  3. Save Money:

    • Gain practical insights without the need for costly in-person training or extensive travel expenses.
  4. Save Time:

    • Streamline your learning journey, focusing on essential event management skills without unnecessary time commitments.
  5. Affordable Fees:

    • Access top-tier event management education at affordable rates, making quality learning accessible to all.
  6. Lifetime Access to Course Videos:

    • Enjoy continuous learning with lifetime access to course videos, enabling you to revisit content whenever needed.
  7. Learn From Home:

    • Study comfortably from home, fostering a conducive environment for effective learning.
  8. Course Language – Hindi:

    • Immerse yourself in the course content with instruction provided in Hindi, ensuring clarity and understanding.
  9. Career & Business Support:

    • Receive guidance for both career advancement and entrepreneurial ventures in the event management industry.
  10. More Than 1000 Plus Students Enrolled:

    • Join a thriving community with over 1000 satisfied students who have successfully enriched their event management skills.
  11. One-Time Payment:

    • Simplify your enrollment process with a one-time payment option, ensuring a hassle-free and straightforward experience.


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Event Gyan Students

Students feedback

Event Gyan is one of the best Online Event & Wedding Planning Institute.
Rohit Singh
Event Gyan Student
This is a good Course for those who are passionate to join the event industry here you will find everything which is required to become an event manager.
Ankit Jain
Event Gyan Student
This Course has so far been amazing because of its curriculum and obviously Jeet Sir.
Priya Kumari
Event Gyan Student

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